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Guestbook for koka
This is a difficult question. K-x offers a lot of improvements over K100D, most importantly (for me) in DR and high ISO. I still love K100D. It is a fine camera with a very very good 6MP Sony sensor. It is able to produce close to excellent A3 prints out of the camera. I should not gave away my copy, this was silly.
Larry Green(non-registered)
Since you were so kind to reply please advise how you like the Kx in comparison to your K100. Have you had any with the Kx? So much has been written about bluring. What do you feel are the main strengths of the Kx? I'm asking these questions as you don't seem to have any of the problems. At least not in your pictures you have posted. Thank you in advance.
Thanks for the compliments Larry. I use 3 lens: DA 21/3.2, FA 35/2 and FA77/1.8. I routinely use ISO 400 to avoid blown highlights. Note that I shoot in RAW, which allows to keep much wider dynamic range than shooting JPEG (when all settings must be spot-on), and that both with K100D and K-x noise is not a problem at that ISO. For example, this image is taken at ISO 3200. When shooting at ISO 400 (often with ev -0.5) and using center-weighted metering (as I do) one only needs to be careful (readjust) when shooting into a bright spot relative to the rest of the image.
Larry Green(non-registered)
I like your photos very much. I looked at your Italy photos as I am interested in the K-x. I note that all the photos I looked at had been taken at ISO 400. What lenses do you mainly use? You have a good eye for scenery and landscape. I live in North Carolina. Thank you for your reply.
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